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What is overlanding?

by: Bruce Taylor

When we hear someone use the word “Overlanding”, many of us may ask what the word means, or we may assume it’s the newest Spartan or Mud Hero type race phenomena that has become the rage for all the fitness freaks out there, and I use that term lovingly as I have kids who have competed in a number of both those races and Cappy’s wife will be competing in her first Spartan race this coming summer. Thankfully, overlanding has nothing to do with hoards of people pushing themselves to their physical limits trying to convince themselves they are having fun doing it, but it is about pushing oneself to a different limit, typically by yourself or with a few select friends.

The definition as put forward by the Overland Journal magazine describes Overlanding as “self-reliant adventure travel to remote destinations where the journey is the primary goal, typically, but not exclusively, accommodated by mechanized off-highway capable transport (from bicycles to trucks) where the principal form of lodging is camping, for extended lengths of time (from days to weeks to months and even years) and often spanning international boundaries. While “Expedition” is defined as a journey with a purpose, “Overlanding” sees the journey as the purpose”.

YouTube has become a great medium for fellow Overlanders to share their travel experiences, and hopefully it will help create a little motivation for others who watch their videos to get out and explore and have similar experiences. I confess I do find myself drooling as well when I look at how some of these vehicles are all accessorized, between the roof top tents, awnings, pull out drawer systems with slide out kitchens complete with fridges, stoves and sinks, and then there’s bumpers, winches, light bars and roof racks, the list seems endless as to what one can spend money on.

First and foremost, do not allow yourself to be discouraged when watching these shows. Most of these Overland groups are highly sponsored by the companies supplying the equipment for their vehicles, and naturally they want you to buy their products for your vehicle, so don’t let that dampen your motivation to get out with your family and friends and experience the outdoors with whatever camping equipment and vehicle that you have now. As the community of Overlanders continues to grow worldwide, we at 410 Expedition Canadian Overland (410XCO) would like to share our experiences with you and to show how anyone can get out and experience the outdoors on a budget.

In the coming months we will have further discussions on various Overland topics, like, what is the first thing I should buy, do I have to buy a roof top tent, will my vehicle be sufficient? As 410XCO is based in Alberta Canada, we will also discuss some of the frustrations we have faced in trying to accessorize our vehicles for overlanding, and we will share our experiences about the 2 off road trailers we built for ourselves. As well, don’t hesitate to drop us a message with your questions and comments, we will be happy to share any knowledge we have gained so far, now get out and explore.

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coffee brew, eh

Coffee has always been a beverage shared over a meeting, a conversation with friends, and now is my preferred way to sit and enjoy the outdoors. The pour over method is one of my favourite new ways to make coffee inspired by Devil's Head Coffee's philosophy that heading out on an adventure all starts with a great cup of coffee. In under just 3 minutes, it's insanely easy to make and super rewarding. The pour over allows 100% control of the extraction process and with a little time experimenting with your grind, you will have the most rewarding cup of coffee. Tracy enjoyed making her first pour over coffee while snowshoeing in the Canadian Rockies. 

Missed the video? Watch it here. 

This is one of my favourite pieces of kit, the Gerber Gator Combo Axe II. I needed a small axe that is versatile for backpacking and to have in my vehicle at all times without taking up space. Perfect for the outdoor adventurer, this compact all-conditions axe offers great utility and a surprising addition. With a longer handle than the original and a forged steel head, the Gator axe has optimal striking force. The grippy handle also houses a coarse blade handsaw. The sheath is great for attaching to a backpack or a belt. 

cappy's GEAR PICK

tread depth

"Stage Zero"

Your vehicle is the most relied upon tool used in Overlanding. Without it, you're either hiking, cycling, riding a horse or using some other form of transportation to get out in the wilderness. In the next few issues of The Outsider, we will cover what we call "Stage Zero" - What your first Overland related vehicle upgrade should be.  We'll discuss some of the basic areas of maintenance you need to do before getting your vehicle adventure ready.

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Overland friends

One of the greatest moments in overlanding is meeting new like minded friends. We met up with this amazing couple from Colorado at the Overland Expo West in 2017. Both Ryan and Sam with their son Forest have a passion for sharing adventures together. Ryan is a photographer, blogger, vlogger and loves reviewing gear on her YouTube channel (RyOutside). Sam works with the Forestry Service so you know where his sense of adventure comes from. Follow this amazing family on Instagram.

Ryan & sam

Brave the Cold with 410 Expedition!


Join us as we brave our Canadian winter on March 10-11, 2018 with an overnight camp out. Meet at the Longview Fas Gas Station on the south end of town at 9:00am, we will depart with a convoy at 9:30am. 

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The Outdoor Adventure & Travel Show - CALGARY

March 24-25 Stampede Park, BMO Centre

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