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The Fourth Issue

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Trailer or no trailer?

by: Cappy

This conversation has been a constant debate between Bruce and I. Trailers are a valuable asset but are sometimes a nuisance. Let me explain. When we set out to build our Expedition Haulers it was to haul more gear like fuel, water, food, more gear and a galley for long trips. Don't get me wrong, I love my EH-2 and it was a really fun build and designing it to suit my needs. One of the challenges I faced was having to pack up the roof top tent on the Jeep every time we wanted to go out exploring for the day but wanted to return to the same camp spot for the evening. The EH-2 eliminated the need to pack up every time. 


Devil's Head coffee

coffee brew, eh

The Morning Rise Blend was created by our friends at Devil's Head Coffee Company to help capture the moment when out on an adventure and coming together as a team, waking up early and planning the route. Overcoming obstacles and pressing onward, this blend is designed to give you a few moments to savour the moment outdoors. We are really proud of this blend, and even more proud to share it with you.

To purchase our Morning Rise Overland Blend

Shop 410X 

Now available

The 410 Expedition Ball Cap is here! Grab the cap only or get some deals by adding some decals or the 410X Camp Flask. At this time, we are only ship in Canada and to the U.S. We thank you for your support.

atlas side steps

Vehicle Mods

One of the easiest mods I've ever done to my JK is adding the Smittybilt Atlas Side Steps. These steps come in pairs and are easy to install with no drilling requirement

overland friends

Team Hunt adventures

Ernie from Vagabond Expedition is a true vagabond. Staying true to his name, Ernie has been wandering from place to place living in his Jeep Wrangler JK many months at a time. Currently, Ernie is out travelling and exploring the South West United States in search of the perfect trail and camp spot to spend the night. Not only is Ernie a vagabond, he's also a blogger, photographer, overlander, filmmaker and storm chaser. Check out his website for inspiration and follow his adventures.

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Upcoming Events

Codename: OWL

The Limestone Mountain Campout Weekend is still a GO!

May 25-27, 2018

If you're interested, please email Cappy for details.


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