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The Overland galley

by: Cappy

A key goal in building an overland rig is to be efficient and better manage the space you have available in your vehicle. When you factor in your clothes, food, camp chairs, kitchen items, stove, water, propane, camera equipment, camp equipment, sleeping bags and tent, it can be a challenge to properly organize your gear. We've all been there. Downsizing will take time and the more you Get Out and Explore will help determine what items you actually use versus items you never touch.


Overland Kitchens or "Galleys" have become more and more popular with the growing trend we call "Overlanding". Many manufacturers offer kitchens to fit in many vehicles but some of us can't afford the price tag. The internet has become the number one source to find different ideas for building an overland galley. Some builds are functional and others make you scratch your head. What's important is, it's your design and it fits within your budget.

In my case, I had an idea and I had a budget. So, out came the paper and pencil and I started sketching. One main goal was to have a slide out for my Coleman Power Chill Cooler. Second, was to have a deep drawer that can hold big bulky items like my stove, fuel and cooking set. Instead of adding a second drawer, I decided on an open shelf concept that would allow me to fold the seat down and add "lengthy" items. A top shelf with tie down points was also important to add bigger "softer" items like EDC backpacks, duffle bags, sleeping bags, etc. 

The galley is tightly secured by using the existing anchor points in the floor of the Jeep. I had to find M6 x 3" long bolts to thread into the holes. I also reused the tie downs for the upper shelf. My next addition will be to add LED lighting and power supply to the kitchen.

Devil's Head coffee

coffee brew, eh

The Morning Rise Blend was created by our friends at Devil's Head Coffee Company to help capture the moment when out on an adventure and coming together as a team, waking up early and planning the route. Overcoming obstacles and pressing onward, this blend is designed to give you a few moments to savour the moment outdoors. We are really proud of this blend, and even more proud to share it with you.

To purchase our Morning Rise Overland Blend

Shop 410X 

opening soon

The 410 Expedition store is opening soon! Although we are starting small, we appreciate your support in helping us grow. We will have more products coming in the next few weeks. At this time, we are only shipping in Canada and to the U.S. We thank you for your patience.

ram mounts

Vehicle Mods

I needed a solution to mount both my iPhone and iPad in my new 2018 Jeep Wrangler JK. I thought of the suction cup mount with the X-Grip for the windshield but found having the phone in front of my face too "distracting". So I visited our local Ram Mount dealer in Calgary and found the perfect solution for "my" needs. I already had the iPad holder from my old Jeep and found the Tough Claw that allows me to mount the iPad to the "Oh No!" handle. I should point out that I purchased the 3" long arm and after installing the iPad, I found that the iPad location could be dangerous to a passenger if the airbag was to deploy. So, my solution is to purchase a 6" arm which will clear the airbag deployment and have the iPad holder installed on the trails only. Never on the highways or streets. Safety First!

Click to watch the product video here.

overland friends

Ernie from Vagabond Expedition is a true vagabond. Staying true to his name, Ernie has been wandering from place to place living in his Jeep Wrangler JK many months at a time. Currently, Ernie is out travelling and exploring the South West United States in search of the perfect trail and camp spot to spend the night. Not only is Ernie a vagabond, he's also a blogger, photographer, overlander, filmmaker and storm chaser. Check out his website for inspiration and follow his adventures.

Vagabond expedition

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The Limestone Mountain Campout Weekend is still a GO!

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